30 March 2015

Polka Dot Party

over size white tee - H&M, polka dot drawstring pants - forever 21

Polka dot is a pattern consisting of an array of filled circles. Early instances were generally equally sized and spaced relatively closely in relation to their diameters - Wikipedia

and I'm one of polka dot fans! i found it chic, playful, yet stylish at the same time .. 
having a bongsor type of body make me choose my polka dot size wisely, ... choose the smaller dots if you are medium - large sized figure, but you can go for the bigger one if you're petite! obviously I go with the first option and being pregnant is not a reason that you can't go stylish with polka dot pattern.

this time around, I styled the bump with my polka dot drawstring pants! well, since the pants is kinda  colourful already, I decided to just pair it with a plain white tee and played around with the accessories and voila!! 

basically just pair your polka dot item with something plain so it will stand out among your outfit! and oh! i did change my necklace since my personal stylist aka abang said it was too plain .. thank God for the fashion police at home ;)

Photos by Kezia Panggua

I know it's only Monday but let's have some polka dot party!! HOHOHOHO .. and I'm coming home in two days time! yippy!!!! waving hello to es podeng and mie ayam!!! have a nice week ahead, people!! :)

27 March 2015

28 weeks and going retro!

Photos by David Sim

wiiiiii!! time flies too fast and now I'm already at my 3rd trimester! 28 weeks and counting ... oh yeah! those countless kicking, punching, and jungkirbaliking are getting harder! bring it on, baby! HOHOHOHO ... 

Thank God for the easy pregnancy so far, .. it's a blessing!!! during our last trip I was still able to do biking, hiking, ... walking here and there, and of course eating! HAHAHA ... some people was screaming at me when they knew what I did and I took it as their love language to me. It's not that I was trying to play superwoman but I knew exactly that my body was still capable to do all that stuff. On top of that, I did some research earlier regarding to all those activities as safety come first! obviously, it was in preggie pace! and whenever I felt tired, I told abang and we rest .. so overall everything went well during the trip .. encok - encok sedikit ya wajar lah yah! grateful that abang and both families side were very supportive as well, ... "jangan sampe kecapean aja ya, kak"  that's what they always said ..

Baby Diary
according to the apps, what to expect by Heidi Murkoff that I downloaded on my phone, the baby is as big as head of cauliflower! look at you, dede! dari segede biji beras sekarang udah kayak kembang kol HOHOHO .. he was doing okay during our last doctor appointment and looking forward to our next one which is next week, once I come back from Jakarta! yup, this is going to be the last trip for me and after that will be sitting nicely, .. okay maybe not that nicely though! will be sitting and waiting excitingly to welcome our bundle of joy! 

as I mentioned earlier, he's getting more active nowadays, ... and very responsive to both me and abang's voice! it sounds funny and silly sometimes, but I like talking to my baby .. I like to rub my tummy and tell him stories, .. I do talk nonsense things to him as well hihihiihi .. I also expose him to different kind of music, .. in fact while I'm typing right now, he's practicing his dribble I guess inside there hehehe ... oh! last week there was a Manchester United game and as a loyal Man-U fan, abang watched the game while I was sitting next to him and browsing here and there .. you know what, the baby got excited too! from the beginning of the game 'til the end he was moving non-stop! and of course daddy was very happy about that! yeah, I can see how future looks like ...

Diet Diary
my appetite is as per normal but nowadays I always feel thirsty and craving for something fresh! and sweet!!! es teh manis! or juicy watermelon, ... I think it's because the heat in my body as well that cause me thirsty all the time. I discipline myself by drinking plenty of water and sometimes cold water too whenever I feel thirsty instead of taking all those sweet stuff, ... but sometimes you just really want it HEHEHE .. I do my best to control the sugar intake as I know during this period there's a chance for a pregnant woman to get 'diabetes' ... I predict I gain some weight more than previously due the changes of my body, like do'oh  sapa juga yang ga naek berat badannya ..

as for my exercise, errrr, I do nothing! lazy mommy!! basically I still walk here and there, take bus, train ... so I consider that as my exercise! not to forget doing the house core! nyapu, ngepel, nggosok kalo lagi mau HAHAHA ... I still do my stretching and dancing to the music to get myself relax and recharge!! planning to do more exercises in the future like prenatal yoga to help me getting ready for the D-Day!! we'll see HOHOHO ..

Skin Diary
my skin is getting a bit dry lately, especially around the lips. I bring Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in my bag so I can apply it whenever I need it. as for my face, I stick to my usual skin care routine and make sure I apply the face lotion before going to bed to keep my face moisturized all the time as I spend most of my day in aircon room. some zits are showing up too and I let the aloevera gell do his wonders hihihi .. as for my body, I apply the normal body lotion after showering and Palmer's Massage Cream for Stretch Marks for my tummy, thigh, and bust as they are expanding .. btw, i like the chocolate smell whenever I apply the cream :) nothing really extravagant for my skin care routine during the pregnancy .. I try to keep it simple! kalo ga ntar rempong sendiri ya bok!! kebanyakan musti pake ini itu yang ada keder eike ntarannya HOHOHO ..

Fashion Diary
as my bump is getting bigger, it's getting harder to wear my usual clothes, .. I did buy some maternity pants like I mentioned earlier as it designed to support your belly though the usual legging is also good enough for me, but sometimes I feel sick and tired to wear the long tank top as the inner! at the end, I'll be grumpy ... oh well, that's the bitchy side of me! 

"ya gee, namanya juga lagi hamil kan, ... mau gimana donk?! disuruh beli baju ga mau tapi kalo udah kesel - kesel sendiri, .. sini - sini aku bantuin pilih bajunya"  bumil bergejolak, suami siaga bertindak! 

and thank God that he has good sense of fashion! like last week, we had this retro 80's theme in our youth service .. and I was yaelah-pake-baju-apa-nih .. udah hamil tetep mau gaya! bikin repot! HOHOHO .. after sitting in front of my cupboard for hours, I decided to go on the denim colourful style of 80's .. with help from abang too karena istri udah kesel dulan bawaannya! lucky me I still can fit to my usual jeans during this third trimester with the help of belly belt of course hihihi, .. so I paired my boyfriend jeans with abang's stripe tee, denim vest with retro touch, colourful bangles, and that shiny sunnies! yeah baby! let's rock the 80's theme!! 

keep trying to survive and do smart mix and match during this pregnancy period! ganbatte!! hopefully can share more on dressing the bump on the next post .. and looking forward to share stories from our Greece trip too!! in a meanwhile, enjoy your weekend people!! friYAY is coming!!! followed by saturYAY and sunYAY :D

22 March 2015

Pimp My Bag

to travel smart and light! 

itu semboyan gw dalam packing! setelah beberapa kali wara wiri ke sana sini, ya walopun dalam kenyataannya masih suka rempong tapi beneran deh sekarang mah aku udah lebih pinter pilih - pilih mana yang esensial dan harus dibawa sama mana yang cuma rasanya-ini-penting! ya namanya juga perempuan ya  bok! *pasang muka polos* ... dan kali ini ada challenge tambahan dikarenakan bergabungnya saya ke dunia perhamilan ;)

if you're a travel enthusiast like us, which one do you prefer? one big backpack, luggage, or what? whatever your choice is just make sure you're comfortable with it, you can bring whatever you need during your trip, and last but not least you can carry it on your own! penting!! pokoknya gw sama abang coba ngepack seringkes mungkin ... yeah look who's talking?!! gw merasakan adanya tatapan sinis dari jarak jauh yang dipancarkan sama abang pas gw ngetik ini HAHAHA ..

buat barang bawaannya sendiri, gw mengkategorikan barang - barang bawaan kita, tepatnya gw sih ke beberapa kategori, dan kali ini ijinkan gw buat share ke kalian things that we usually pack for our trip, .. bah! macam aku ini travel blogger ternar aja ya!!! HOHOHO .. ah diaminin aja lah! sapa tau satu hari nanti bisa jadi travel blogger hihihihi ... oh ya! disclaimer - disclaimer!! kategori - kategori yang ada ini berdasarkan kebutuhan gw ya si hore - hore traveller ..

passport, IC, cash, credit card, visa, itinerary, maps, books, ... travel insurance, any bookings or reservation of your transportation, accommodation, and any package tour, ... or any other important documents that needed go to this category. we usually arrange all the documents according to the date in one clear file, save the soft copy in our email and make another hard copy to be kept separately. yup! that sum up our traveller essentials. oh! we usually don't bring our wallet, we change it into pouch or small wallet to make it simpler!

my daily essentials are skin care products, alat mandi, make up kit,sanitary pad/panty liners, and hair dryer!!

I choose Hada Labo products for my skin care routine; mulai dari facial wash, face lotion, moisturizer, sunblock, sampe BB cream. alesannya sesederhana karena produk mereka cocok sama jenis kulit muka gw yang gw sendiri juga kurang tau apa! HOHOHO ...  muka gw itu sebenernya ga rewel pake apa aja mostly semua produk sih bisa tapi so far setelah coba sana - sini gw ngerasa ini yang paling cocok dari antara semua yang cocok, be it for humid weather like her in Singapore or dry windy weather .. and glad they come in travel size also! coba mana watsons, .. mau endorse aku ga?! HAHAHA ;D

urusan make up pas travelling,  I choose neutral colour palette basic from urban decay, CLIO waterproof brush liner kill black! so far best eyeliner I've ever tried!! highly recommended! sekali lagi panggilan kepada saudara watsons ditunggu kehadirannya! HAHAHA .. next ada 3CE cream blusher in baby peach, sebamed lipbalm, and lip tint from too cool for school, .. oh sama si eyelid tape! jangan lupa juga bawa kapas sama makeup removernya yak!! mascara, highlighter, shadingan, endebre endebra lupakan dulu lah yaaaa .. catokan pegimana?! catokan who?! esensi rambut kering lebih penting dibanding rambut ngok waloun dalam hati terdalam aku iri sama orang - orang yang rambutnya bisa tetep ngok pas lagi jalan - jalan ...

nah! ini bagian paling sulit menurut gw .. mau ketje tapi ga mau ribet! mau gaya tapi pengen bawaan tetep enteng .. bikin kesel kan?! beberapa faktor yang harus dipikirkan dalam pemilihan baju adalah tujuan kita kemana, cuacanya kayak gimana, di sana mau ngapain aja, dan apa ada aturan tertentu semacam dress code yang harus kita patuhi di tempat tersebut. ya i think that will help you in choosing your clothes. problem solved! tapi koq aku masih tetep ribet sendiri yaaaa ...

tops, bottom, sleep wear, socks, shoes/sandals, tank top, shawl, jacket/cardigan, under garments, .... itu semua yang selalu gw bawa. yang beda biasanya jumlahnya dan tingkat ketebalannya tergantung kemana. oh! sejak hamil gw jadi temenan sama legging dan gw rasa itu salah satu hal wajib yang perlu dibawa pas traveling. bisa jadi daleman kalo cuaca dingin dan dipake jadi bawahan biasa pun oke! dan enteng!! kalopun perlu dicuci juga cepet kering! aha! last trip gw bawa 3 legging!

we will have one pouch contained some general medication like paracetamol, tolak angin, cough syrup, muscle relaxant, plaster, and aloevera gel! the last one do wonder! apparently aloevera gel is quite famous among preschool teachers here and I'm one of them and a fangirl too hehe ... bisa jadi moisturizer, can sooth your sunburn or any minor burn, ... if you get insect bites, bump, .. olesin aja si aloevera gel .. gileee macam tukang obat yang di pasar baru aja gw HOHOHO ..

ya keles namanya yak! segala sesuatu yang kamu butuhkan biar tetap terhubung dan eksis dengan dunia luar HOHOHO .. name it mobile phone, charger, camera, tripod, headset, universal adaptor .. ya monggo diinget colokan suka beda - beda di tiap negara makaya perlu bawa si universal adaptor ini .. kalo mau dipanjangin lagi, tongsis, power bank, laptop juga bisa masuk kategori ini juga, tapi biasa gw sama abang daftarnya mentok sampe di adaptor aja ...

nah! ini adalah pritilan - pritilan kecil yang kadang suka kelupaan dibawa padahal penting juga, .. yang masuk kategori ini di daftar bawaan kita ada payung, kantong plastik, detergent, tissue kering/basah, travel utensils, sambel botol!!! kita biasa bawa minimal 2 atau 3 hehehe .. ini wajib sewajib - wajibnya! cup noodle, cemilan dengan jumlah yang dikira - kira sendiri aja yak, jangan satu supermarket dibawa! HOHO .. terus kalo abang sendiri wajib bawa oatmeal tiap travelling untuk memperlancar pencernaan biar bisa terus makan enak! oh! gunting kuku, pinset, nose trimmer, cotton bud ...

berdasarkan pengalaman kemaren, gw bawa daily supplement/vitamin, fit to fly letter from the doctor! penting!! minyak telon karena idung gw lebih sensitif terhadap bau - bauan, permen pedes, panadol, dan extra panty liners. itu semua gw jadiin satu di dalem satu pouch biar ga ribet kalo tiba - tiba diperlukan! 

yup yup! gw rasa sekian daftar bawaan kita kalo lagi travelling! ada yang kelupaan ga ya? .. and the most important thing is embrace the journey!!! cherish the companion!! explore the surroundings!!! have fun!!!